Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask

Real Name: KellyLynn
Age: 26yrs
Birthplace: Inglewood, California (aka Da Ghetto)
Current Location: Chicago, IL (Lincoln Park Neighborhood)
Occupation: Process Server/Administrative Assistant
Marital Status: looking for perfection, and coming up short......
Hobbies(or lack there of): Chatting online, going out to dinner with friends, watching tv (boring hobbies...I know)
Favorite Type of Music: Goth, Industrial, 80's
Favorite Bands: THE CURE!! (they rawk ass!)
Have I Ever Been Convicted of a Crime: Yes. It's stupid but I have. A few years ago I was charged with battery for kicking a friend in the butt (NO JOKE!) I pled guilty to a lesser charge of disturbing the peace and was sentenced to anger management and 3 yrs probation and had to pay $100 restitution. My charges were reduced to an infraction and my probation terminated. THIS WHOLE THING WAS STUPID!
Favorite Movies: Breakfast Club and Edward Scissorhands, Bridget Jones's Diary (both of them)
Vehicle: Burgundy 96 Nissan Altima, complete with hole in side covered by duct tape. (don't ask)
Words or Phrases I Overuse : Dude, Rad, Whatever (I'm Such a Californian :P)
Favorite Food: Ever since I moved to a city with REAL food, and a real variety of food, I can't pick a favorite type.
Favorite Ice Cream: Ben and Jerry's Phish Food
Favorite Soda: PEPSI!!!!
Favorite ADULT Beverage: Midori Sour and Mudslide (not together *cringe*)
Favorite WebSite: fark.com
Most Humilitating Moment: Ask me and I MIGHT tell you.
Favorite Love Song: "Sombody" - Depeche Mode and "Interlude" - Siouxsie and Morrisey
Favorite Color: Purple and Silver
Favorite Thing to do When I'm Bored: Sit on IRC and be even more bored
Favorite Animal :Panda
Favorite Pizza: Chicago style stuffed pepperoni with extra cheese
Goal For My Life: To be happy (and if wealth comes with it...I won't argue)
Favorite Thing About Me: My eyes
Things I Obsess Over: these days, everything!
If I Could Live Anywhere in the World: England (no real reason why)
Favorite Book: What the Witch Left (I've read it like a bazillion times...but not since I was like...10)
Favorite TV Show: Law and Order, Law and Order: SVU, Good Eats, Trading Spaces
Guilty Pleasure: Linkin Park (mmmm, Chester)!!!!!

(when and if i find anything else remotely interesting about myself that i care to share..ill be sure to add to this)

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MissE 2005